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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:29 pm    Post subject: the captcha for this post was "Pork Pies"

  • T3-T6 Mats

  • Dusk

  • Poetry

PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:10 am    Post subject:

Sweetcheekx (Galasso.5614)

Mystic coins and T6 mats. I do NOT need skins of any kind or dyes (I have 98% of them already).

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:46 pm    Post subject:

Wishlist for Cherry Ace.2493:

I am still on a forever quest for all the dyes, so here's a list of the ones I don't have that fall in the tier ranges I'm in. Prices are the buy now prices from when I made my list. I normally put a star next to the ones I really want, but I honestly just need them all, so whichever combo you want to gift would be amazing.

If you don't want to (or can't) get me any dyes, I still need a ton of Mithril Ingots and Elder Wood Planks.


Electro Lime
Sunfire Lava
Matriarch Brass
Slime Green
Frostbite Blue
Blue Orchid
Ruby Red
Vabbian Bronze
Ominous Yellow
Electro Lemon
Murky Grey
Glint's Crystal
Enameled Longevity
Enameled Anamnesis
Enameled Perseverence
Electro Peach
Enameled Generation
Glint's Isolation
Enameled Sacrifice
Glacial Sky
Core Ice
Pumpkin Orange
Enameled Brass
Enameled Amenity
Enameled Strawberry
Bloodstone Dark Coral
Enameled Banana
Deep Glacial Teal
Shiver Sky
Enameled Morning Glory
Bloodstone Coral
Enameled Onset
Shadow Yellow
Enameled Crimson
Enameled Emblaze
Enameled Sky
Phthalo Blue
Enameled Legacy
Enameled Jungle
Frozen Scales
Midnight Bronze
Powder Blue
Blue Steel
Silver Satin
Baby Blue
Rose Gold

110g 49s 93c
109g 69s 68c
109g 13s 22c
102g 99s 99c
  94g 50s
  91g 99s 95c
  89g 99s 98c
  83g 99s
  71g 98s 88c
  69g 96s 89c
  69g 47s 99c
  67g 77s 87c
  66g   5s 58c
  64g 99s 99c
  64g   6s 60c
  59g 99s 98c
  57g 95s
  55g 70s 79c
  53g 99s 99c
  52g 20s 49c
  49g 99s 99c
  48g 99s 99c
  47g 72s 41c
  45g 25s 48c
  43g 98s 68c
  42g 99s 98c
  35g 99s 98c
  34g 98s 95c
  34g 98s 87c
  28g 66s 89c
  27g 25s 31c
  26g 99s 96c
  26g 66s 65c
  23g 99s 99c
  23g 95s 94c
  23g 22s 19c
  22g 98s 87c
  22g 75s 38c
  21g 88s 87c
  20g 29s 41c
  19g   9s 22c
  18g 96s 79c
  17g 40s
  17g 30s
  15g 88s 97c
  13g 12s 13c
  12g 56s 43c
  10g 70s  2c
    9g 74s 99c
    9g 50s 12c
    9g 25s  6c
    8g 41s 95c
    8g 12s 94c
    6g 99s 94c
    6g 50s   1c
    6g 19s 98c
    5g 90s 48c
    5g 87s 94c
    5g 50s 71c
    5g   9s 54c
    4g 99s 99c
    4g 97s 34c
    4g 89s 98c
    4g 74s 87c
    4g 37s 98c
    4g 29s   4c
    4g 25s 29c
    4g 25s 25c
    4g 20s 10c
    4g 14s 96c


PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:30 am    Post subject:

Brutus wish list:

T6 mats and mystic coins

PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:03 pm    Post subject:

Bear's list:

1. Howl

2. The Bard

3. Rage

4. Venom

5. The Lover

6. Storm

7. Chaos Gun

8. The Hunter


Thanks guys.

Any combination of those would be great, some are pretty cheap.

Lyra Belacqua
PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:27 pm    Post subject:



Wishlist for Lyra (groovy sneezes.4690)


- T6 Materials

- Mystic Coins

- Black Lion Keys

- Any Beetle Mount Skins

- Desert King Backpack and / or Glider

- Storm Gloves

- Dervish Package / Outfit / Suntouched Scythe Staff

- Any awesome Mace skins (i have none). Examples of what i like are Chaos Mace skin / Spectral Mace skin / Dreamthistle Mace skin / Dominator Mace skin

- A fun hammer skin such as Dreamthistle / Zodiac / Wargod’s / Glacial

- Scientific torch skin / Scientific Warhorn skin

- Winged Headpiece


I also love Dyes (i have common and uncommon all unlocked already), Minis, Skins, and mats of all kinds :heart:

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:51 am    Post subject: X-mas in July 2018 - Wishlists


Want to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want for this year's Secret Santa guild event? Well, you're in luck! The purpose of this thread is for participants to post a list of their desired items to receive from their Secret Santa.

Rules and General Guidelines:

  • Make sure you're actually signed-up for Secret Santa before you post a wishlist. If you haven't already seen it, the announcement thread is here.

  • DO NOT post what tier you're signed up for. The whole fun of Secret Santa is the secret. If everyone knew who was in each tier, it could become too easy to narrow it down.

  • In your post, you must include your account name. The Tier Managers will be assigning gift recipients with account names and not any specific character name. Also, since this is in the public section, guests will be able to post their wishlists as well as members who have registered. If you do not provide an account name and you're posting as a guest, your post will be removed. If you are registered you will be mailed in-game and asked to edit your post. (An account name is the name that has all the numbers at the end; you can see this name when you open your friends list at the top.)

  • Make sure the items you're listing are attainable in your gold tier. Check the Trading Post on all your preferred items before posting your list here. (You can post a list of items that would add up to an amount that falls in the range of your gold tier.)

DISCLAIMER: It's possible that you may not receive the items you ask for. Your Secret Santa will be directed to this thread to look for your post, but they may decide to surprise you.

This thread is NOT for sign-ups. Any post asking to be placed in a certain tier will be removed.


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