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PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:21 pm    Post subject:

Wishlist for Osiris.3064 (Storm)

  • potent master maintenance oil

  • delicious rice balls

  • superior siege of any kind

  • bloodstone dark coral dye

  • shadow orange dye

  • glint's ambition dye

  • bloodstone coral dye

  • shadow magenta dye

  • valor dye

  • frozen scales dye

  • shadow purple dye

  • glint's rebellion dye

  • shadow turquiose dye

  • shadwo violet dye

  • powder blue dye

  • glint's sanctuary dye

  • mesa dye

  • glint's isolation dye

  • ominous yellow dye

  • bloodstone violet dye

  • bloodstone dark violet dye

  • glint's purview dye

  • blue steel dye

  • highland dye

  • shadow green dye

  • resolution dye

  • ruby red dye

  • imperial gold dye

  • choya dye

  • abyssal forest dye

  • black lion keys

Ragnar Eternal
PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:48 am    Post subject:

Ragnar Eternal.8907

For Secret Santa, I could use T6 mats, in particular Viscious Fangs.

Mistress Elemental
PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:03 pm    Post subject:


Mistress Elemental.3750

There is not a whole lot that I truly "need or want" so this list may change over time while I discover things I have not unlocked yet. I already have all dyes unlocked (except 1) and most minis that can be purchased so don't need many of those. As for skins(armor/weapon) I already have many from the gem store so there is not much there I could use/want.

Gem Store Items

  • Random Items

    • Who Does not love Black Lion Keys

  • Outfits

    • Imperial Guard Outfit

    • Winter Monarch Outfit

    • Primeval Dervish Outfit

  • Weapon Skins

    • Venom Warblade

    • Suntouched Scythe

  • Armor Skins

    • Lightning Aspect Eye

    • Sun Aspect Eye

    • Wind Aspect Eye

    • Winged Headpiece

    • Jackal Rune Gauntlets

    • Jackal Rune Greaves

  • Backpacks

    • Branded Wing Backpack

    • Desert King Reliquary

    • Forged Backpack

Trading Post Items

  • Miniatures

    • Mini Shadhavar

  • Dyes

    • Elonian Beasts Dye Kit

      • Sand Shark Dye



Random Skins Kaiser Skins
Abyssal Scepter
Accursed Chains
Asef's Brew
Dandy Bluster
Flux Matrix
Forged Staff
Heart of Mellaggan
Ignus Fatuus
Inquest Turning Rod
King Maker
Lidless Eye
Melandru's Gaze
Phoenix Talon
Randa's Eviscerator
Reaper of Souls
Sinister Welding Torch of Smoldering
Squeedily Spooch
Stygian Blade
Tear of Grenth
The Anomaly
The Fate of Menzies
Unspoken Curse
Vision of the Mists
Wall of the Mists
Kaiser Snake Mace
Kaiser Snake Short Bow
Kaiser Snake Rifle
Kaiser Snake Focus
Kaiser Snake Torch
Mystic Skins
Mystic Axe
Mystic Dagger
Mystic Greatsword
Mystic Hammer
Mystic Pistol
Mystic Rifle
Mystic Shield
Mystic Shortbow
Mystic Spear
Mystic Staff
Berserker Skins
Berserker's Ebb
Berserker's Lightward's Battlestaff
Berserker's Mordrem Cleaver
Berserker's Mordrem Saber
Berserker's Mordrem Warblade
Berserker's Mordrem Warbow
Berserker's Seer's Warstaff
PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:21 pm    Post subject:

Wishlist for Weichafe (Aeneas.8542):

- T6 materials.

- Mystic coins

- Black lion keys

- Cool skins for my GS/Rifle/short bow


PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:29 pm    Post subject:

Wishlist for Cherry Ace.2493


Forever collecting dyes. Yellow star (*) means I want it a whole lot, but all gifts are loved.

* Abyssal Sea 66g
Glacial Sky 65g
Darkness 62g
Flare 61g
Deep Glacial Teal 55g
Hydra 54g
Choya 49g
Murky Grey 49g
Desert Harpy 45g
Shiver Sky 39g
Cobolt 38g
Ruby Red 37g
Grave 35g
Jacaranda 34g
Scorched 27g
Oasis 26g
Core Ice 26g
Sunfire Lava 21g
Electro Purple 20g
Blue Orchid 19g
Slime Green 19g
Incandescent 19g
Enameled Brass 18g
Electro Lemon 18g
Phthalo Blue 18g
Sarcophagus 17g
Daybreak 17g
Enameled Morning Glory 16g
Vabbian Bronze 16g
Recall 15g
Enameled Amenity 15g
Embalm 15g
Enameled Emblaze 14g
Limonite 14g
Rosewood 13g
Prosperity 13g
Amenity 13g
Midnight Bronze 13g
Enameled Legacy 12g
Urn 12g
Onset 12g
Scourge 12g
Enameled Sky 11g
Enameled Jungle 11g
Ruin 10g
Caustic 9g
Acid 9g
Acrid 9g
Swampblack 9g
Sandstorm 8g
Ember Red 7g
Harrowing Maroon 6g

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:51 pm    Post subject:

Mystic coins and t6 mats. Please no skins or dyes (I have most of them already).

Lyra Belacqua
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:58 am    Post subject:

Wishlist for Lyra (groovy sneezes.4690)

- T6 Materials

- Mystic Coins

- Amalgamated Gemstones

- Any awesome Mace skins. Examples of what i like are Chaos / Spectral / Dreamthistle / Dominator

- A fun Hammer skin such as Dreamthistle / Zodiac / Wargod’s / Glacial

- Orchestral Weapon Skins

- Black Lion Keys

- Shared Inventory Slots

- Storm Gloves

- Arachnid Glider

- First Follower Desmina Outfit

- Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack Glider

- Desert Racer Mount Adoption License

- Distant Lands Mount Adoption License

- Sun Temple Gecko Springer Skin

- Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin

Crescent Flame
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:27 am    Post subject: Is this where i put my list on the website?

Calebswag.8265 Secret Sugar Daddy Wishlist: Hydra dye, Chak egg sac ( condi damage), amalgamated gemstones, Abyssal Forest, Vabbian Bronze,Scourge Dye, Tar dye,Sun fire Lava Dye, Sand Shark Dye, Bloodstone Violet,Cobolt Dye, Violite dye,Enameled Solitude dye, Ember Red dye, Lyra's Love, Bosco's Love, For bryan to give me attention, To hear Kriegers voice, Krieger's attention, Krieger's Love, Mesmer Buffs,Molten Dye,Sulfur Dye

Lyra Belacqua
PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:06 pm    Post subject: Dec2018 Secret Santa WISHLIST

Want to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want for this year's Secret Santa guild event? Well, you're in luck! The purpose of this thread is for participants to post a list of their desired items to receive from their Secret Santa.

Rules and General Guidelines:

  • Make sure you're actually signed-up for Secret Santa before you post a wishlist. If you haven't already seen it, the announcement thread is here.

  • DO NOT post what tier you're signed up for. The whole fun of Secret Santa is the secret. If everyone knew who was in each tier, it could become too easy to narrow it down.

  • In your post, you must include your account name. The Tier Managers will be assigning gift recipients with account names and not any specific character name. Also, since this is in the public section, guests will be able to post their wishlists as well as members who have registered. If you do not provide an account name and you're posting as a guest, your post will be removed. If you are registered you will be mailed in-game and asked to edit your post. (An account name is the name that has all the numbers at the end; you can see this name when you open your friends list at the top.)

  • Make sure the items you're listing are attainable in your gold tier. Check the Trading Post on all your preferred items before posting your list here. (You can post a list of items that would add up to an amount that falls in the range of your gold tier.)

DISCLAIMER: It's possible that you may not receive the items you ask for. Your Secret Santa will be directed to this thread to look for your post, but they may decide to surprise you.

This thread is NOT for sign-ups. Any post asking to be placed in a certain tier will be removed.

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