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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2022 8:29 pm    Post subject: Follow the arrows in the figure below step-by-step.

There are many problems with Elyon registration due to the fact that many of the interfaces are English. Elyon is a brand new game developed by the Bluehole Company. The game was the focus of numerous players the minute it was released. It is a game with a lot of Elyon Gold  elements and an incredibly engaging gameplay. A lot of players want to know more about the game, let's see whether ELYON requires a real name to be registered.

Introduction to the registration process of Elyon

1. Opening a test account for a card

The Elyon game allows the kakao account to log into the game. The player launches the tick accelerator, finds the Elyon Hanbok account registration within the game library, and account registration section, and follows the kakao account registration tutorial to register the account.

1. Select to register a kakao account on the login page

2. Select Create New Account

3. Accept all terms and conditions.

4. Connect the email account and send an email verification code to verify the email and then the email checkmark appears; enter the password, confirm the password, username, gender, birthday and click Next.

5. Complete the registration

(Note account format includes lowercase English with numbers or QQ registered 163. Google and other email addresses. Password format: No consecutive numbers, and add an @ symbol at the end)

2. Purchase the game

The game works as a buy-out system. The official promises not to sell any items that impact the balance. Similar to black sand, you can join the game by purchasing the purchase package of each equipment. The buy-outs are divided into 3 levels, which are identical to the regular version, and also the advanced version. Deluxe version, the cost is 66.200.440. the lowest in the standard version. The contents of each package will be announced within the group in a separate manner and only after purchasing the production package, can you create a character in advance on December 9. the advanced deluxe version production package. The deadline is December 8th the day after which it will be taken off the shelves and cannot be bought.

There are some limited props as well as non-sale props, that are only available by purchasing the production bundle by yourself, for example, limited edition mounts, and so on. The deluxe edition will offer the player an invitation, and the production package will award you rubies, which are the points of this game. The edition will supply around 140R, 360R worth rubies. Ruby can only be obtained by recharge using Korean Won, which is similar to purchasing a production package that will return you an enormous amount of game's points. It will also grant you bonus experience cards and Buffs that the regular version does not have, the time period is 30 days sixty days, or luxury The upgrade will also give summoned beasts as well as an out-of-print mount, as well as some Warehouse backpack expansion volumes. characters cosmetic volumes, as well as expansion volumes for character bars.

1. You can pre-order the game in advance

2. You must provide your mobile number for confirmation when you purchase

Regarding the issue that the ELYON Hanbok account needs to be verified, the reason for the verification of credit cards was discovered after confirming by contacting the Kakao official as well as with the Blue Hole Company. It could take up to a month to test the new agent. If successful, it is possible to skip this verification.

3. Bind the PC

To play the game, it is recommended to use the tick accelerator hanbok dedicated line and to bind the IP address to your computer. Accounts with real-name verification (mobile phone number plus the credit card number) is able to be tied to the computer with five songs. Follow the arrows in the figure below step-by-step.

1. Log in to your Kako account

2. Log in to manage my information

3. Select the binding pc

4. Conduct another mobile phone verification and then connect the computer's IP successfully

4. Game download

It is suggested that players continue to use the tick  cheapest Elyon Gold accelerator to sign in to Elyon's official website. Elyon official website and then click to launch the game. It is recommended that players use the Tick Accelerator Hanbok line is solid and reliable, featuring high-quality latency and single-click acceleration, bringing players the ultimate gaming experience.

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