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re: Guild Rules


Guild Rules

[Sol] is a laid back guild social guild. We don't ask for 100% rep and we don't require you to come to any events. That does make our few rules very important. Please read and follow them:


    1. Nontoxic Behavior

      • Any toxic behavior towards any other guild as well as any players will not be tolerated. Keep in mind a lot of our interactions are in text, and tone cannot be conveyed in text.

      • Any slurs / hateful language will not be tolerated in chat or in any formal guild function / discussion.
    2. Maturity:

      • While we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the game, we're looking for members who are aware of how their comments / actions affect those around them. This means you're willing to treat others with respect and keep personal conversations within private chat. We don't care how old you are, just how mature.

    3. Responsible Language

      • Chat is a loose PG-13; while we are not strict about cursing, excessive cursing will not be tolerated. Sexualized talk is unacceptable. Guild TS and Discord Voice is not PG-13, it is whatever is appropriate for the people and ages involved (ex: Guild events should be more reserved than hanging out with friends late night).

    4. Issues Between Guild Members

      • If you have a personal problem with a member of the guild, talk it out with them and use the tools provided to you by Anet to handle the issue (block, report, etc.). If the situation carries over into other aspects / areas of the guild and breaks our other rules, bring it to an Officer. Have screenshots readily available if you wish to make a complaint about another member. If the incident took place in TS or Discord Voice, make note of others in the channel as they may be asked to verify your complaint.

    5. WvW Commanding

      • If you are interested in commanding for the guild please reach out to an officer (we can provide training and siege as needed). If you are commanding without the guild (pugmanding), please be respectful and communicative with other commanders and WvWers on the chats and voice communications. If another guild approaches us and says that you were toxic or inappropriate, it will result in disciplinary action.

    6. Guild Bank

      • The Guild Bank is for EVERY member of [Sol]. If you take something out, you are to use it, not sell it. If you don't have guild bank permissions yet, another guild member with the correct perms can take it out for you (the topmost tab is officer storage for special items used in events and other such things). Misuse of the Guild Bank will be repaid with a demotion and possible kick from the guild.


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