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re: Sol Patch: Sol-Mates Forever: Thank You Sol!


Sol-Mates Forever: Thank You Sol!


So I know it’s been said a lot by me in particular, but Sol Guildies (hereby known as Sol-Mates) are the best guild members out there! Sol forever!


Why are Sol-Mates the best? Simple: Sol-Mates give and give and give!


Over the past few months, we’ve had a lot of donation drives for materials, gold, etc, and Sol-Mates delivered! For Toga Party 2017, we made legendaries Bolt and The Dreamer, and so many people donated materials to help the guild make and donate these to help raise money for the MS Society of Canada! Special mentions are: Marcooz (donated the Lover!), Sweets, Mistress, Cor, Lisa, Mithril, Brutus, Skullface, Arwen, Frevs, Surghost, Inferiorized, Buck, Charred, Lyra, Ebony, Aeris Lighthawk, Storm, and Stingerz! You guys are all super awesome! It’s also important to mention that no one donated just 1 material. Many of us donated so much!


We also recently had the Guild Anniversary/Appreciation Party, where we made and raffled off the legendary weapon, Howler, as well as so many other things! Thank you to the following people for donating materials, gold (via raffles and such), prizes that were used, and their time: Sweets, Ebony, Atra, blinc, Gibor, Ashara, Bosco, Jolly, Brustus, Ahnah, Shiro, Strychnine, The Pve Arrow, Cor, Icy, Cyfinity, Grilled Cheese, Mithril, Storm, Bari, Bears, Heals, Nephtid, Sacred, Frevs, Han, Ark, Icebuggys, Watch Me/My, Arrianna, Bill, Charred, Lazers Go Pew Pew, Jovan,  Mistress, Loprojoe, Lyra, Inferiorized, Caleb, Flaming Serenity, Reklaw, Entro, Iiskie, Plan It, Derk, Innarra, TheSchniper, Danny, Eternal, and Tsukiko!


We’re currently collecting funds to help Sol-Mates transfer to Northern Shiverpeaks. The following people have donated either gold or ectos to help get people to WvW with our guild: Shiro, Strychnine, Gibor, Raziel, Lyra, Storm, Ruanamok, Arwen, Atra, Ebony, and Bill!


See what I mean about Sol-Mates are the best guild mates ever? You all have the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen, and from the very bottom of my heart, thank you all for everything that you do for the guild. Sol is what it is because of the members! You all rock! <3





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