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re: Sol Patch: Updates and Zerg Fights and Transfers, Oh My!


Updates and Zerg Fights and Transfers, Oh My!


As many of you in SoL already know, our ever-productive friends at ArenaNet recently gave us an update to the World Vs. World play mode, one that both we and the game itself have been starving for. As a result, the WvW population has been dense, queues have been hours long at times, and the killing fields are ripe with the sweet smell of enemy blood. With this uptick in activity, many of our members who are not on our home server (Northern Shiverpeaks) have expressed a desire to join us on our weekly butt-stomping runs in WvW.

Enter the issue: steep transfer fees for a highly populated server. 1800-2000 gems is not chump change (unless you’re Sweets) and many of our members simply cannot afford it. Our solution: Raising gold and/or ectoplasm to help buffer some of the cost for our guildies who are passionate about hitting WvW with us, but cannot make the cut without a little help. Spurred on by a guildie’s Facebook post, the transfer project is a process through which any guild member can apply for up to 50% assistance in covering the transfer fee. There are a few requirements, all of which are outlined in the application here. I have no doubt any of you who are passionate about WvW will meet the requirements easily.

Now, you may be saying to yourself “The NSP server is full though!” and you’re right. The good news is that server population is ever-changing as a player being counted as part of the WvW population requires frequent and dedicated play. This being the case, we are still taking applicants since we anticipate a drop in WvW population once people making a mad rush for the legendary backpack realize that it cannot be obtained overnight. Once an opening arrives, one of your fabulous guild officers or I will contact you and let you know, then provide you with the gold needed to cover up to the second 50% of your gem purchase for transfer. That being said, I encourage all of you who are looking to transfer to apply, regardless of the status of the NSP server, and we will get you in to romp around with us ASAP. Applications can be sent to me via Facebook Messenger to Nathaniel James Kolasa-Lenarz or via email at Questions and comments can also be delivered this way, as well and in-game mail to Raziel.6319. I hope to see some of you stomping around with us soon. Happy hunting!




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