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re: Make Up Birthday Bash!


I didn't realize I wasn't logged in when I originally posted this, so please ignore the other post if you can see it. 

Hey all! The makeup for the Birthday Bash will be Tuesday night, October 10th, at reset. We'll gather at Deverol Gardens in Lion's Arch where we will kick off the party. The events and prizes are as follows:

End of Summer Smackdown (Costume Brawl) - First Prize is the Daydreamer's Axe Skin, Second Prize is the Aetherized Rifle Skin, and Third Prize is the Consortium Clipper Focus Skin.

On the Road with Dad (Bad Joke Contest) - Come prepared with your best bad joke! First Prize is Pumpkin Orange Dye, Second Prize is Abyss Dye, and Third Prize is White Dye.

Are We There Yet? (Hide and Seek) - There will be three rounds of hide and seek, timed at 10 minutes each. There will be prizes for the winners of each round. First round is 250 Heavy Bags of Booty, second round is 250 Bags of Booty, and third round is 250 light bags of booty.

Sol Streakers (Naked race to the top of the lighthouse) - For this race you must "strip," as in remove all of your armour and weapons so as not to have speed bonuses. You may not use any skills or abilities, you may not roll or dodge, and you may not use any waypoints. It is a good, old fashioned foot race to the very top of the lighthouse where you will don the Diving Googles and dive into the water. First Prize is the Sun Catcher Skin, Second Prize is the Quaggan Killer Whale Backpack Cover, and Third Prize is the Karka Helm Skin.

There are still party favors left over from our first attempt at this event, so if you were unable to attend last night but can make it this time, I will have your favors for you! See you then!

I also want to extend a hearty thank you to Storm for generously donating the prizes! Thanks a million! 

Arwen Darkblade - Norn Warrior

Liathlas - Sylvari Mesmer

Phoebe Stone - Human Thief

Joujou - Asura Engineer

Vesper Shadowclaw - Charr Necromancer

Vespertililo - Sylvari Ranger

Zinzanni - Asura Elementalist

Skelloch - Sylvari Revenant

Solsken Ellasdotter - Norn Guardian
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