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Sol is a laid back megaserver guild with a focus on community events. We love to host parties, have free giveaways, create games, and help each other out. Sol started four years ago with a leader who liked to give players old and new a place to hang out, ask questions, and have fun. We attracted people with many different gaming styles, and currently have members who love PvE, WvW, PvP, events, and just socializing or chatting. Throughout the years, we’ve become known for our creative games like Scavenger Hunts, fun contests like our Screenshot contest, and huge guild parties like our Halloween Extravaganza; all, of course, come with prizes to win. We’re also heavily involved in the Gamers Giving Back community, helping to prepare and host in-game fundraisers such as Toga Party (for MS awareness), and Pink Day (for breast cancer awareness). Our main WvW force is located on NSP. While we don’t have many strict rules, we feel it is important to show respect for other players. If this sounds like a community you’d be interested in joining or hanging out with, please feel free to contact any of us! We love new friends!
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June 24, 2017

by angelwriter428, 29 days ago


Pips, Armor, Legendary, OH MY!

Pips are points that you can earn in WvW when you meet certain criteria. Read More ->


Sol Yearbook 2017

Calling all guildies who take screenshots!


Updates and Zerg Fights and Transfers, Oh My!

As many of you in SoL already know, our ever-productive friends at ArenaNet recently gave us an update to the World vs. World play mode, one that both we and the game itself have been starving for. Read More ->


Sol Christmas in July: Secret Santa

While it is still six months out from Christmas, the typical gift giving season; we here at Sol can't wait that long. Read More ->


Sol-Mates Forever: Thank You Sol!

I know it's been said a lot by me in particular, but Sol Guildies (hereby known as Sol-Mates) are the best guild members out there! Sol forever! Read More ->


Atra's Fashion Corner

Hi and welcome to some little (actually, not so little) article about what I think fashion is! Read More ->


Knowing Your Game's Files

In this article, I want to show you how the game works at an operational level. Read More ->


Party in the Precipice

The Lost Precipice was the place to be on June 10th! Read More ->

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