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re: Sol Patch: New Year, New Things - WvW


New Year, New Things - WvW


New Year's resolutions are not just for personal changes. Guilds can have resolutions too! Sol's going into the new year with some changes we hope will boost everyone's enjoyment in WvW.

The biggest change we've made is moving our WvW forces to a new server, Northern Shiverpeaks. We had multiple meetings among the officers to make sure we wanted to pitch a transfer to the guild, and then we had some meetings with members to find out if people wanted a transfer and where they'd like to end up. The majority of the people who voted wanted us on NSP, and so here we are now. We were paired with our old server, Sorrow's Furnace, for a bit after the transfer started, but we're both linked with other servers and the change is really becoming noticeable.

During our meetings with the guild where we discussed transferring, it was brought up that maybe doing some WvW training sessions was a good idea. We've had a few trainings already and we'd like to keep this up as we move forward. Every Monday at 8PM EST we'll be gathering up in the Guild Hall and learning about different WvW topics before we take our lessons into the Mists for some practice. While in the Guild Hall, everyone is welcome to attend the training, regardless of server. Each training will focus on one topic; backline training, frontline training, terminology, positioning, class specific training, etc. Topics will likely be recycled and expanded in multiple trainings as needed. Our extra long terminology training session was recorded and will be listed on the website as a glossary of sorts with the recording attached.

However, we don't want all learning to be restricted to one night a week. When we're out on our guild runs, everyone is welcome to ask questions. If you don't know what specific call outs mean, or you don't know why we placed siege in this one spot, or why we didn't go defend that tower, ask us. When we all understand each other, we work better together.

Along with weekly training sessions, we wanted to give members an opportunity to talk with us about how they feel in regards to Sol's WvW. We've decided to have monthly WvW meetings just for this reason. The intent was to find out how everyone feels about the state of WvW, how commanders are doing, how they feel about the schedule, what they might want from trainings, etc. Monthly meetings take place on the first Friday of every month at 8PM EST (that's one hour after daily reset and one hour before WvW reset, right in the middle). These meetings are open to the entire guild on any server, and will be recorded and posted to the website for those that can't attend.

Happy New Year! Here's hoping Sol WvW 2017 is new, insightful, and fun!



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