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Lyra Belacqua
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re: Secret Santa - Christmas in July!


Guess what friends, it's that time of year again! Secret Santa has come to [Sol] once more!


"What is Secret Santa," you ask? Well basically, those of you who want to participate will be given the name of another participant and you'll be tasked with getting that person a gift. However, this person won't have any idea that you're getting them a gift. Fun stealthy recon is a GO! (There will be a Wishlist thread for people to post things they'd like as a gift to make lives easier for some of you.)


To lessen the likelihood of large value gaps in gifts, we've set up gold tiers; participants will be gifting and receiving a gift from others in that tier. Every tier also has a Tier Manager. Any concerns regarding Secret Santa should be sent to the Tier Manager of your tier. 


The Tiers:

T1: 50s - 1g 50s   Gems: ~6

Tier Manager: Angel (AngelWriter.3652)

T2: 1g 51s - 5g     Gems: 7-24

Tier Manager: Angel (AngelWriter.3652)

T3: 6g - 10g          Gems: 25-40

Tier Manager: Lyra (groovy sneezes.4690)

T4: 11g - 25g        Gems: 41-90

Tier Manager: Lyra (groovy sneezes.4690)

T5: 26g - 50g        Gems: 92-185

Tier Manager: Brutus (Latintiger.6024)

T6: 51g - 75g        Gems: 186-270

Tier Manager: Frevs (Telurico.3185)

T7: 76g - 110g      Gems: 272-400

Tier Manager: Ebony (Ebony Star.2840)

T8: 111g - 150g    Gems: 401-540

Tier Manager: Buttons (Albinofury.3970)

T9: 151g - 225g    Gems: 542-810

Tier Manager: Buttons (Albinofury.3970)


*Gems are the gold-to-gem rates at the time this was posted.*


To sign up:

You must send an in-game mail to the Tier Manager for the tier you're interested in and this mail MUST include your account name. Avoid whispers since those can be overlooked.


Dates and Deadlines:

Sign ups open June 10, and close July 1.

Participants will be mailed the name of their gift recipient on July 5.

Send your gifts TO YOUR TIER MANAGER by July 26.

Gifts sent out to everyone July 29!


Rules and General Guidelines:

The Tier Manager of your tier will also act as the "middle man" in the gift giving process of that tier. This is to keep the secrecy of the original gifter, and to minimize any scamming. Once you have purchased the gift for your assigned gift recipient, you will have to mail that gift to your Tier Manager. All gifts will be sent out by each tier's Manager on the same day. *see Dates and Deadlines above

You are allowed to sign up for multiple tiers. In this situation, you will have more than one person to purchase a gift for. However, you will also be receiving more than one gift by the end of this event.

You are allowed to buy multiple items for your gift recipient (e.g. many lesser value items to reach a gold amount acceptable for your tier), but no more than 5 stacks (i.e. no more items then what can fit into one mail). If you want to, you can send pieces of your gift in increments, just be sure that it doesn't go above 5 stacks in the end.

If you are purchasing your gift with gems, your instructions are different. You will need to mail the gold to be used for conversion to the Manager of your tier. In this mail you will also need to specify the EXACT gem amount you are converting from gold and also the EXACT name of the item(s) you would like to send as a gift. You are also allowed to choose to send up to 5 individual stacks of items from the gem store. Each will be sent in a single mail, but these mails do not fill the in-game mailbox.

If you are using gems you already own and/or using real money to purchase gems, you will need to first convert those gems to gold and then use the method above. We DO NOT encourage you to use preexisting gems or real money for this event. The value of your gems when converting to gold and then back will be lessened.

Gold is NOT considered a valid gift. Your gift must be an in-game item.

If you send a gift yourself (either by in-game mail to your gift recipient or by a direct gift in the gem store), it will NOT be considered part of the Secret Santa event. Having a "middle man" allows us to verify that every participant is receiving a gift.

If you feel you are unable to purchase your gift within the time provided, you can remove yourself from this event (you will, of course, no longer be receiving a gift). Just mail your tier's Manager to inform them. The Tier Managers are aware of how to fix these situations to make sure all participants are still receiving a gift.

Please be aware that if you are found to be scamming/attempting to scam a free gift from this event, you WILL be kicked from the guild. 


Joined: 22 Sep 2016

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re: Secret Santa - Christmas in July!


lyra is a forum rat


Joined: 22 Sep 2016

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re: Secret Santa - Christmas in July!


bears wishlist:

precursor [howl] current buyout 246g bid for 191g

or 200 cured hard leather SQUARES

either way, its whatevs.

Happy Mexican Christmas everyone


**Edited by Angel because someone mentioned the tier they were in :P **

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