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re: Sol Patch: Pips, Armor, Legendary, OH MY!


Pips, Armor, Legendary OH MY!


This article mentions skirmishes, ticks, and reward tracks. If you want to learn more about these things please check out a previous article written about them.

Wiki articles are linked throughout for additional information.

Updated 8/23/2017 to reflect pip changes.


WvW Pip System

Pips are points that you can earn in WvW when you meet certain criteria. The gaining of pips brings you forward in the new WvW Skirmish Reward Track that exists separately from the normal WvW reward tracks system. For anyone to earn pips they need to have been on their server for 3 weeks.

Once you are on a WvW map, you need to be at Tier 3 participation before the game will start giving you pips. You can see your participation right above your minimap. Pips are awarded to you at the end of every tick, which is every 5 minutes. Unlike the original reward tracks, higher participation does not affect the number of pips you receive.


Ways to Get Pips

World score in a Skirmish: 1st place gets 5 pips, 2nd place gets 4 pips, 3rd place gets 3 pip

WvW Rank: These pips do not start until you reach the Bronze titles (rank 150). Bronze titles get 1 pip and this number goes up by 1 more pip for every new tier of ranks. So, Silver titles get 2 pips, Gold titles get 3 pips, etc. Diamond titles get 6 pips and if anyone happens to be at the maximum WvW rank of 10,000, they get 7 pips.

Outnumbered: If you have the Outnumbered buff on you when the tick is calculated, you get 5 pips.

Commanding: If you are the commander of a squad of at least 5 people, you will earn 1 pip.

Commitment: You get 1 pip for commitment. You are considered committed if you have earned at least 100 pips the previous week. If you are gaining the commitment pip and miss one week of earning 100 pips, your commitment will reset. It must be consecutive. (This also means that if you transfer it will take you 4 weeks to start earning commitment pips.)

All of these pips add up to what you earn every tick. For example, I am in the Silver titles and am earning commitment; when we are Outnumbered and winning, I earn 13 pips every 5 minutes.

Pips accumulate for the entirety of a Match. A Match lasts from WvW weekly reset on Friday night until that same time next Friday. Once the Match resets, your pips go back to zero and you start again.



Why Do I Want Pips?

Pips are what you need to earn in order to progress through the new WvW Skirmish Reward Track. In this special track you move through titled chests similar to how WvW Ranks are titled. You start at Wood Chests (which is not a WvW Rank, but hear me out). There are 4 tiers of Wooden Chests with every tier awarding some loot and WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets. The next set is the Bronze Chests (see, we're at the real ranks now). Bronze also has 4 tiers and the reward system is the same, just with slightly more loot. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum Chests have 5 tiers; and Mithril and Diamond Chests have 6 tiers. The loot from these continues to get more abundant as you move up. If you finish Diamond before the Match resets, you can repeat its set of tiers, but these chests will not contain WvW Skirmish Claim tickets (or Mystic Coins, which are in the final chest for Diamond).

To complete all of these, you need to earn a total of 1,450 pips for that week. This is important if you're trying for the WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets because you can only get a total of 365 tickets per week. You need these tickets if you care about getting the new legendary backpiece, Warbringer, or the new ascended WvW gear.



The new legendary backpiece, Warbringer, requires a total of 2,800 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets. A person starting at 0 tickets would need just under 8 weeks of completed Diamond Chests to finish the legendary. (Some of us had some leftover tickets from past WvW Tournaments that helped slightly.)

The only part of the Warbringer that is not new in the crafting process is the Gift of Fortune. All of the other pieces are WvW specific.

The precursor, Warcry, is made by combining 4 pieces you purchase from the first tab of a vendor, named Legendary Commander War Razor, who can be found in any WvW map. The first piece is 350 tickets and every piece after gets more expensive. These 4 must be thrown together in the Mystic Forge.

The Gift of Warfare is made by combining 4 new Mystic Essences in the Mystic Forge. The base essences for these are sold in the second tab of the Legendary Commander War Razor. Each of them costs a different type of WvW currency. The Essence of Annihilation costs 350 tickets (this number is in the total mentioned above); Essence of Strategy costs 1,000 Badges of Honor; Essence of Animosity costs 500 Proof of Heroics; and Essence of Carnage costs 500 Memories of Battle. (Descriptions of these items tell you what to combine them with to make the larger Mystic Essences.)

The Gift of Conquering is made by combining 2 Vision Crystals, 250 Memories of Battle, 1 Legendary Spike, and 4 Gifts of Battle in the Mystic Forge. If you recall, Gifts of Battle can now only be obtained from completing its reward track, and so you will have to complete this track 4 times. A Legendary Spike is a new account bound item that has a chance to drop from enemy players, camp supervisors, and keep and tower lords. The chance of it dropping is not terrible; most people have multiples of it already.


WvW Ascended Gear

The Skirmish Supervisor merchant in WvW has 3 types of Triumphant armor and 2 types of Mistforged Hero's weapons.

Both types of weapon's share the same name and skin, but one is exotic and the other is ascended. Mistforged weapons have a small glowing animation when wielded. All weapons are locked in the merchant until the non-animated version has been gained through the Hero Weapon Reward Track. Each weapon gained from the Hero Weapon Reward Track unlocks it's exotic and ascended Mistforged version in the merchant's wares. For example, if I complete the reward track and choose the Hero's Axe, I can then purchase the exotic Mistforged Hero's Axe or the ascended Mistforged Hero's Axe from the Skirmish Supervisor. All other weapons will still be locked until I go through this process again with another weapon.

The process for armor is basically the same, just with one more tier. You will need to first unlock the normal Triumphant armor piece from the Triumphant Armor Reward Track. Let's say I just unlocked the normal Triumphant Breastplate. I can now go to the Skirmish Supervisor and buy both the exotic Triumphant Hero's Breastplate and the ascended Triumphant Hero's Breastplate. In order to obtain the ascended Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Breastplate, I need to purchase the ascended Triumphant Hero's Breastplate. All other pieces will still be locked in the merchant until unlocked in the same process. The Triumphant Hero's Skin is a more ornamented version of the normal Triumphant armor. Mistforged Triumphant Hero's is a glowy version of Triumphant Hero's Armor.

These new weapons and armor cost a combination of WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets, Memories of Battle, and gold. The ascended Mistforged Hero's weapons and the ascended Triumphant Hero's armor both have an additional cost in the way of specific Grandmaster Craftsman Marks. The Mark varies depending on the piece you're looking to purchase. The Skirmish Supervisor sells the recipes for these Marks in the 7th tab. You will need to buy the recipe for the specific Mark and the Grandmaster Craftsman's Components recipe book. You will need crafting level 500 in the specified craft in order to make the Marks you need. For example, if I'm making the Grandmaster Armorsmith's Mark, I need to be a level 500 Armorsmith. While you may need to buy multiple Mark recipes, you will only need to buy the Components recipe book once.

All of the Mistforged Triumphant Hero's armor pieces are locked until these WvW Ranks:

Hands - 1,500

Feet - 1,600

Shoulders - 1,700

Face - 1,800

Legs - 1,900

Chest - 2,000



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