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re: Sol Patch: Party in the Precipice


Party in the Precipice


The Lost Precipice was the place to be on June 10th! Sol-Mates from all over the world gathered to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Sovereign of Lords, the best guild ever. It all started out with a group photo, and then included many fun events like Human Darts, a Costume Brawl, a parade through Lion’s Arch, and a Fashion Show. There were also lots of sweet prizes, raffles, and giveaways!


Here’s a list of all the winners:


Human Darts:

  1. EvilToaster

  2. Hiuki

  3. Entro

Sol Fight Club (Costume Brawl)

  1. Ashara

  2. Hiuki

  3. Heals or No Heals

Fashion Show Contest

  1. Cor

  2. Atra

  3. Hiuki

  4. Storm

  5. Watch Me

Gliding Competition

  1. Mistress

  2. Hiuki

  3. Bill

Snowball Fight

  1. Lyra

  2. Storm

  3. Charred

Jumping Puzzle Race

  1. Jolly

  2. Hiuki

  3. Iiskie

Sol Search

  1. Charred

  2. Hiuki

  3. Watch Me

PvP Tournament

  1. Caleb

  2. Russell

  3. GrilledCheese

Guild Trivia:

  • Storm

  • Han

  • Caleb

  • Entro

  • Derk

  • Heals or No Heals

  • Atra

  • Charred


  1. Volunteer Raffle:

    1. Ebony

    2. Bill

    3. Icy

  2. Donator Raffle:

    1. Lyra

    2. Loprojoe

    3. Derk

  3. Guild Wars Books - Cor

  4. We Love Fine - Landot

  5. 50/50 - Ahnah

  6. Black Lion Skin T1

    1. Mistress

    2. Lazers Go Pew Pew

    3. Sweets

    4. Icy

  7. Black Lion Skin T2 - Strychnine

  8. Black Lion Skin T3 - Sweets

  9. Howler Raffle - Chaos Ember


Big congratulations to all the winners!


By the way, through donations and raffles, the guild raised over 2500 gold! This will go a long way towards future guild parties, donations for Pink Day in LA (coming in October!), and prizes for more guild events!


Sol-Mates never disappoint when it comes to their enthusiasm, generosity, and kindness. We can not thank everyone enough for coming out and making the Guild Appreciation and Anniversary Party such a huge success! We have lots more fun events planned for the rest of Summer and beyond, so stay tuned.



~Angel & Arwen


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