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re: Sol Patch: Atra's Fashion Corner


Atra's Fashion Corner



Hi and welcome to some little (actually, not so little) article about what I think fashion is! In the future, I'd like to talk you all through some new outfits I make, but for today I'll be explaining the thought process behind my guardian's look. If you'll recall, she won 2nd place at our Spring Fashion Show at the Guild Appreciation Party (yes, I'm bragging).

Originally, my guardian was all red and black and fiery. The outfit change was brought about by a desire to make Juggernaut fit.

When stowed, Juggernaut is filled with liquid chrome going from the bottom of the handle and up into the sphere at the head of the hammer. The rest of the hammer is stone and gold ornaments. When wielded, the chrome is on my character. Most of the chrome effect is influenced by current game lighting, but strong colors will come through slightly.


The Armor Pieces

Typically, I like to try my best to avoid too many pieces from the same set. Ideally, every piece would be different. Finding that harmony across sets is honestly my favorite thing. (Also, I'm not big on head pieces, so you won't be seeing any of that today.)


I chose the Carapace Breastplate because it had a generally simple shape with all it's details being in the design on the armor. It looked like it was made to be used with Juggernaut. The rest of my outfit was chosen specifically to fit with this chest piece.


Braham's Legplates are actually incredibly versatile. You have the option of going the route it was intended, with more tribal themed looks (especially with the Norn and their lore). But you could also use it as an accessory on top of other heavy looks. For my outfit, I think of it as a leather wrap over whatever metal legplates she's wearing. It even kinda ties together in the front all nice. If you look at the legs this way, the chest piece doesn't have to match the legs in design, especially if your other pieces are in sync.


The Heavy Plate Gauntlets have this nice trim that I felt could be dyed to match the chest piece nicely. And it wasn't too bulky.


I have this thing for high collars and the neck area of the Burden of Koda shoulders is super awesome. These shoulders also have this little bit of fur that goes over your back, which happened to go nicely with Braham's Legplates. However, I couldn't get any backpieces to work because of it. And, again, not too bulky.


I tried my hardest to find a pair of boots that matched well, but nothing had the right feel other than the Carapace Greaves. I wanted that bit of trim like the hands had, but 2 pieces from one set isn't so bad.


The Dyes

(Buy all the dyes. I'm serious. Especially the base ones, some of them are so cheap. Just do it. Even if you think you'll never use a dye, you'd be surprised what looks you come up with when you have, like, 15 shades of purple.)

Coming off a look that was really dark and menacing, I wanted to go a different route with this outfit. Especially with Juggernaut having this feel of strong elegance.

All of the metal pieces are Celestial, except for the metal clasps and such on Braham's Legplates. Normally, Celestial is very bright, but it just ended up looking like well kept metal armor, which is just perfect. The metal on the legplates didn't look right with Celestial dye. Besides, if I stayed with the idea that this was an accessory wrap, then I'd need them to not be so in sync anyway. I chose Ancient Silver, which had the metal pieces look different enough that it obviously wasn't apart of the set, but similar enough that it worked for the outfit.

The trim and designs on the metal was all done in, funnily enough, Ancient Silver. You'll notice that the metal pieces from Braham's Legplates don't look like the trim at all. Sometimes pieces from one set will take a dye differently from how it looks on another set. This is one of the reasons why having a lot of dyes is good. Ancient Silver looked like a nice muted gold for the trim and designs. I could have gone with a stronger gold color to better match Juggernaut, but I thought the subtlety of the design worked better.

On the legs and arm, it looks like a type of cloth under armor. I wanted this to be where the accessory wrap best matched the rest of the outfit, because these are both things that can be realistically dyed. The dark lines on the shoulders cannot be changed so I used Old Jeans dye for the under armor on the legs and arms, and on the nice braided trim on the wrap to kinda match the darkness. The large area of the wrap uses Glint's Sanctuary.

I also used Glint's Sanctuary on some smaller details that are probably not even noticeable. The shoulders have this small bit of wing-like scales coming off the collar piece that just didn't look right with the gold-type stuff. There's also 2 small gems on the chest piece and 1 gem on both feet that I used Glint's Sanctuary on.

The fur on the shoulders cannot be dyed, but the fur on the wrap can. I did play with the idea of having them the same shade, but it didn't look as good from the front. You wouldn't probably have all the same fur all the time anyhow, right? I used Mithril on the wrap's fur. 




And here we have it! I do really like how she came out. I hope you enjoyed my complete over analysis of an outfit and I look forward to bringing some more armor and dye combos to you!



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