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re: Sol Patch: Christmas In July - Secret Santa


Christmas In July: Secret Santa


While it is still six months out from Christmas, the typical gift giving season; we here at Sol can’t wait that long. That’s why we’ve created our own Christmas in July - it gives us an excuse to do my favorite guild event: Secret Santa!

Secret Santa is a ~secret gift exchange~ where participants are randomly assigned another participating guildie to buy an in-game gift for. See the Secret Santa Post to determine how much gold you’re willing to spend, and mail the Tier Manager in charge of the tier(s) you’d like to sign up for. Once sign ups close (july 1), the Tier Manager will assign each participant someone to buy a gift for (July 5). You may end up buying a gift for a guildie you’ve never interacted with before, or you may be assigned your best friend! If you’re not sure what gift to buy, check out the Wishlist post (link coming soon) for ideas. Once you’ve got your gift(s) purchased, you send it over to the middle man - your Tier Manager (gifts due by by July 25). Tier Managers collect all gifts, and send them out to the appropriate recipients all on the same day (July 29). It’s so much fun to see Guild Chat light up with excitement the gifts guildies received.

We have the tiers set up so players of all in-game wealths can participate if interested. From new players with only a few gold, to (as Bryan would say) “the rich one-percenters,” there is a tier for everyone, spanning in increments from 50s - 225g. Because you’ll be matched up with someone in the tier you sign up for, it ensures you’ll receive a gift of similar value as the one you purchased. If you’re unsure of what gift to buy, and your recipient hasn’t posted a wishlist (shame on them!), you can always try to befriend your recipient and find out what they’re working towards - do they need Charged Lodestones to make Sunrise, or Bolts of Damask for ascended armor? If you never see them on and still don’t know what to get, a good rule of thumb is to give them something they can sell if they don’t need it - ectos, T6 mats, dyes, minis, etc. Alternatively, you can be like a certain guildie last year and send people 20g worth of coal as punishment for not posting a wishlist (true story). But you must get a gift, no flat out gold-giving allowed!

So go take a look and send a mail to your Tier Manager of choice! You can chose to only sign up for one tier, or if you’re feeling frisky and can afford it, go ahead and sign up for all of them! The more tiers you sign up for, the more gifts you’ll receive, and the more people you’ll make smile!! Sign ups close July 1, so make sure to sign up soon! Happy gift hunting!



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