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re: Sol Patch: Sol Yearbook 2017


Sol Yearbook 2017


Calling all guildies who take screen shots!! I need your help to make this year’s guild Yearbook a reality.

Do you find yourself taking screen shots of you and your friends hanging out and being goofy? Synchronizing dancing? Running around in tonic form? Maybe right before engaging in an epic wvw battle? After something hilarious was said in guild chat? Found a stranger whose character looks exactly like Marvin the Martian? Killed your first raid boss and wanted to remember the feeling? These are the types of moments that create memories, and they deserve to be shared and live on forever!

That’s the idea behind the Sol Yearbook. It is not a traditional yearbook with a screenshot of each member’s toon lined up in a row - it’s more a collection of our favorite moments together, as well as a few fun traditional yearbook features, such as Class Photos (hope everyone can make it for our medium class characters’ group photos on July 8 after missions), and Superlatives (make sure to check out the polls on the guild facebook and website to vote on the Superlatives)!

If you’ve never taken a screenshot before but want to contribute, it is not too late! To take a screenshot, you simply have to hit the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. An imagine will automatically save - the default location these images are saved to is Documents → Guild Wars 2 → Screens. Voila! If you want to get really fancy, you can take high resolution screenshots in .bmp format - directions here! You can also hide the in game UI by hitting Ctrl+Shift+H.

This yearbook truly cannot exist without your screenshots! There are several ways to get your screenshots to us:

  • Upload them to the facebook group

  • Upload them to an image hosting site like Imgur and share the link with me

  • Send them in e-mail to

  • Post them on the guild website

If you want to add your screenshots directly to the yearbook, let me know and I will send you the editing link. Conversely, if you have tons of screenshots and don’t feel like sorting through them all, send them all to me and I will pick some favorites to include. I can’t wait to see how many memories we dig up that we’ve created together.

As always, here is the link to the 2016 yearbook to help you get in the yearbook mood!



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