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re: Atra's Fashion Corner


Atra's Fashion Corner


Well everyone, I finished crafting The Warbringer. I’m aware that most people have heard by now, but I’m still very happy and excited to actually have it. I’m so happy that I went and changed my neco’s look! (She’s been wearing the Light Aetherblade set since the dang skin was released!)

In the process of putting this look together I’ve realized two things. (1) I don’t have too many firey things and, (2) I should have done the side story achievements because I could really use those bloodstone eyes.

The Warbringer scales pretty crazy with most races. I tested it on a Norn during the demo weekend and WOW it was giant. I figure most people making this are looking for that giant wow factor anyway. It’s surprisingly proportionate on an Asura though.

The fire is always a little animated, and the chains between spikes and the cloth moves even with little idle animations. Fire puffs out when you draw your weapon and every time you jump with a weapon drawn. Yes, it makes whooshy fire sounds.


The Armor Pieces

This back was definitely made to look best on a heavy class, so I tried to stick to pieces that had metal on them.

This is the Demon Masque, one of the necro starter headpieces. I really like the red next to the eyes. It seriously looks like something a fire necro would wear. The eyes look like they’d be yellow most of the time, but they’re almost always neon green-ish in game. I really need those bloodstone eyes.

Flame Legion Vestments are really cool because the arms are molten. It also really works on necro because the whole things looks real demon-esque and the cloth is all tattered. And it has metal parts.

When Anet released the skins in achievement chests, I didn’t care too much for the Hellfire skins. I’m glad I had enough points to get through the shoulder skins twice because the Hellfire Mantle is perfect for this outfit. It has smoke coming off in puffs.

I was around for Season 1 of the Living Story so I had the Fused Gauntlets hanging around. They work perfect in this outfit because they’re metal and have the same puffy smoke animation as the Hellfire Mantle. There’s also some drippy molten stuff which is really cool.

For this particular outfit, the legs and feet don’t matter. The chest piece being basically a dress, my only concern was not having things clip through. The Ascalonian Performer Pants are just basic pants and a belt; you can’t even see them. The Cabalist Boots are also nondescript.


The Dyes

The head and shoulders on this outfit are not dyeable, but their colors work out in this case.

The Flame Legion Vestments are one of the rare pieces where Shadow dyes don’t just look black. I have Shadow Red on that piece and it looks like a nice dark red. (Imagine how bright Permafrost would be.) The two strips of cloth draped next to the neck are Clove dye. The metal pieces are Steel dye. Those pieces are also super scorched regardless of what dye you put, which is really nice.

The Fused Gauntlets take dyes in a really fun way, because any dye is going to be inconsistent. They made it so the metal always looks heated, and so the color shifts in places. I have the Shadow Red dye here also. In this case it does actually look black, but you can see where the metal is supposed to be hot. The bolts on the side are Charcoal dye and the fingertips are Icing dye. I used Icing here on purpose to make them look like fingerless gloves.

The Cabalist Boots have Warmth dye on the bulk of the cloth, which basically matches the way the chest piece takes Shadow Red. There’s some threading on the boots and I used Oxblood and Shadow Red to make those parts work.

The Ascalonian Performer Pants are literally not visible. They could be Permafrost and you wouldn’t even know.


I think the look came together really nice. I’d changed my weapons to match too, since there’s no way Meteorlogicus would look good on this outfit.

Little fireball necro coming for your ankles in WvW, look out!



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