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re: Halloween Extravaganza's Mini-Games


Mini-Games of the Halloween Extravaganza

Before this party, we wanted to explain some of the mini-games that we’ll be having throughout the day on November 4th.


Sol Fight Club - Halloween Edition: Like the Sol Fight Club from the guild anniversary party, we’ll have 3 rounds of the in-game costume brawl. We’ll be using the witch’s cauldron toy from the gem store. Personal tonics will not be allowed as some give an unfair advantage in the brawl. Prizes to 1 - 3. There are two of these events throughout the day.


Trick AND Treat: This will be similar to the “Who Said That” event we had not too long ago. There will be grave markers placed all around the guild hall. Each grave marker will contain a code, which the participant must whisper back to one of the judges before they can move on. Prizes to 1 - 3.


Mad King Says: In Sol’s version of this delightful game, we will be taking to the arena, where the Sol Mad King will play a game of Simon Says with the participants. If you’re wrong, the Mad King will cut you down! Prizes to 1 - 3. There are two of these events throughout the day.


Deadly Labyrinth: In Sol’s Haunted Maze, you never know what you might run into! Try to navigate the maze and get to the end before getting captured by the undead! We’ll be handing out tonics to all participants and if you’re struck by an undead, then you’re out! Prizes to 1 - 3.


Pumpkins Can Fly?: This is a human darts events. One judge will jump off a ledge from a great height and go splat! The objective is to go splat! as close to where the judge landed as you can. Prizes to 1 - 3.


Sol Search:Similar to Hide-n-Seek, participants must find the hiders and be in visual range of the hider before whispering them. The hider will then send an item to the participant. Once the participant has all the items, then can link them all to one of the judges and be declared the winner! If time expires before a winner comes forth, then the people with the most items will win! Prizes to 1 - 3.


Pumpkin Gauntlet: In the guild arena, we will have a jumping puzzle set up. The objective is to make it to the end. But you can also use whatever weapon skills you have at your disposal to knock someone off the puzzle, forcing them to start over! Can you make it to the end without getting knocked off or worse...? Prizes to 1 - 3


Snowball Fight: This is a dodge-ball style mini-game for everyone to enjoy! Using the snow pile decorations, hurl snowballs at the opposing team until only 3 are left standing. Those 3 will have a battle royale for the top spot! Prizes to 1 - 3.


One of Us!: A Sol-Mate’s favorite! Pull out your Halloween tonics (or ask an officer for one), as we head to Lion’s Arch. The whole objective is to get non-Sol members to join us in tonic form while parading around the map saying “One of us! One of us!” No prizes.


We hope that this is helpful when it comes party time!


Happy Halloween!


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