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Lord Sovereign

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Joined: 29 Jun 2014
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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017



Want to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want for this year's Secret Santa guild event? Well, you're in luck! The purpose of this thread is for participants to post a list of their desired items to receive from their Secret Santa.

Rules and General Guidelines:

  • Make sure you're actually signed-up for Secret Santa before you post a wishlist. If you haven't already seen it, the announcement thread is here.
  • DO NOT post what tier you're signed up for. The whole fun of Secret Santa is the secret. If everyone knew who was in each tier, it could become too easy to narrow it down.
  • In your post, you must include your account name. The Tier Managers will be assigning gift recipients with account names and not any specific character name. Also, since this is in the public section, guests will be able to post their wishlists as well as members who have registered. If you do not provide an account name and you're posting as a guest, your post will be removed. If you are registered you will be mailed in-game and asked to edit your post. (An account name is the name that has all the numbers at the end; you can see this name when you open your friends list at the top.)
  • Make sure the items you're listing are attainable in your gold tier. Check the Trading Post on all your preferred items before posting your list here. (You can post a list of items that would add up to an amount that falls in the range of your gold tier.)

DISCLAIMER: It's possible that you may not receive the items you ask for. Your Secret Santa will be directed to this thread to look for your post, but they may decide to surprise you.

This thread is NOT for sign-ups. Any post asking to be placed in a certain tier will be removed.


Mistress Elemental
Lord Colonel

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Joined: 23 Jul 2013
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re: Mistress Elemental Wishlist


Mistress Elemental.3750

There is not a whole lot that I truly "need/want" so this list may change over time while I discover/think of things I could use. I already have all dyes unlocked (except the newest set) and most minis that can be purchased so don't need many of those. As for skins(armor/weapon) I already have many from the gem store so there is not much there I could use/want.

Gem Store Items

  • Mount Adoption License (I currently have 20, may unlock the rest by the time this event ends so probably not the best option. I'll try to update this if this happens.)
  • Black Lion Keys
  • Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic (This would actually be for one of my alt accounts)
    • Accounts that currently need it, in order of importance
      • Mistress Elemental.3970
      • Mistress Elemental.9520
      • Mistress Elemental.6871
      • Mistress Elemental.9780
      • Mistress Elemental.4570
  • Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic (This would actually be one of my alt accounts)
    • Accounts that currently need it, in order of importance
      • Mistress Elemental.1896
      • Mistress Elemental.4158
      • Mistress Elemental.3894
      • Mistress Elemental.2731
      • Mistress Elemental.1590
      • Mistress Elemental.9520
      • Mistress Elemental.6871
      • Mistress Elemental.9780
      • Mistress Elemental.4570

Trading Post Items

  • Random
    • Supreme Rune of Holding (As many as possible)
  • Miniatures
    • Mini King Wasi
    • Mini Spellbreaker Tamela Okar
    • Mini Deadeye Nakato Ibori
    • Mini Iboga
    • Mini Weaver Folarin Oyekan
    • Mini Firebrand Roni Gehianu
    • Mini Blue Choya
    • Mini Scourge Akesi Xuni
    • Mini Mordant Crescent
    • Mini Shadhavar
  • Dyes
    • Elonian Landscape Dye Kit
      • Highlands Dye
      • Mesa Dye
      • Sulfur Dye
      • Ruin Dye
      • Sandstorm Dye
      • Oasis Dye


Forged Skins Sunspear Skins
Forged Bow
Forged Staff
Forged Dagger
Forged Greathammer
Forged Greatsword
Sunspear Pocketbow
Sunspear Warsickle
Sunspear Carver
Sunspear Matchlock
Sunspear Firelight
Random Skins Mystic Skins
Augury of Death
Might of Brauer
Lightward's Battlehammer
Kryta's Salvation
Grinning Gourd Rifle Skin
Squeedily Spooch
Ley Guard's Protector
The Mad Moon
Mystic Axe
Mystic Dagger
Mystic Greatsword
Mystic Hammer
Mystic Harpoon Gun
Mystic Pistol
Mystic Rifle
Mystic Shield
Mystic Shortbow
Mystic Spear
Mystic Staff

Black Lion Skins

Embellished Weapon Collection
Bloodstone Weapon Collection
Embellished Axe Skin
Embellished Dagger Skin
Embellished Focus Skin
Embellished Hammer Skin
Embellished Longbow Skin
Embellished Pistol Skin
Embellished Rifle Skin
Embellished Shield Skin
Embellished Shortbow Skin
Embellished Staff Skin
Embellished Sword Skin
Embellished Torch Skin
Embellished Warhorn Skin
Bloodstone Axe Skin
Bloodstone Dagger Skin
Bloodstone Focus Skin
Bloodstone Greatsword Skin
Bloodstone Hammer Skin
Bloodstone Mace Skin
Bloodstone Pistol Skin
Bloodstone Scepter Skin
Bloodstone Shield Skin
Bloodstone Shortbow Skin
Bloodstone Staff Skin
Bloodstone Sword Skin
Bloodstone Torch Skin
Bloodstone Warhorn Skin
Dragon's Jade Weapon Collection Dominator Weapon Collection
Dragon's Jade Cudgel Skin
Dragon's Jade Flame Skin
Dragon's Jade Warhammer Skin
Dragon's Jade Hornbow Skin
Dragon's Jade Blunderbuss Skin
Dragon's Jade Needler Skin
Dragon's Jade Quarterstaff Skin
Dominator Focus Skin
Dominator Greatsword Skin
Dominator Hammer Skin
Dominator Longbow Skin
Dominator Mace Skin
Dominator Scepter Skin
Dominator Torch Skin
Gallant Weapon Collection Spectral Weapon Collection
Gallant Axe Skin
Gallant Longbow Skin
Gallant Pistol Skin
Gallant Scepter Skin
Gallant Shield Skin
Gallant Sword Skin
Gallant Torch Skin
Gallant Warhorn Skin
Spectral Dagger Skin
Spectral Greatsword Skin
Spectral Longbow Skin
Spectral Mace Skin
Spectral Scepter Skin
Spectral Shortbow Skin
Spectral Staff Skin
Spectral Warhorn Skin
Winter's Weapon Collection Cavalier Weapon Collection
Winter's Needle Skin
Winter's Reach Skin
Winter's Shelter Skin
Winter's Slice Skin
Cavalier Longbow Skin
Cavalier Axe Skin
Cavalier Mace Skin
Cavalier Rifle Skin
Cavalier Staff Skin
Cavalier Torch Skin
Shadow Weapon Collection Scientific Weapon Collection
Shadow Hammer Skin
Shadow Longbow Skin
Shadow Short Bow Skin
Shadow Axe Skin
Shadow Dagger Skin
Shadow Mace Skin
Shadow Rifle Skin
Shadow Staff Skin
Shadow Torch Skin
Scientific Dagger Skin
Scientific Greatsword Skin
Scientific Hammer Skin
Scientific Longbow Skin
Scientific Mace Skin
Scientific Scepter Skin
Scientific Shield Skin
Scientific Shortbow Skin
Scientific Staff Skin
Scientific Torch Skin
Zodiac Weapon Collection  
Zodiac Short Bow Skin
Zodiac Scepter Skin


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Ashara Corvene

Joined: 12 Apr 2014

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017



So far here is what I've come up with for gift ideas for me:

Bloodstone shield 

Crimson Lion Axe

Fresh water Pearls

Opulent defender

Crystalline Dust




Heals or no Heals

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist


In Game Username:




Gem Store

Aviator Sunglasses

Wide Rim Glasses

Instant Repair Canisters

Jormag Dye Kit

Primordius Dye Kit



Blood Dye

Midnight Blue Dye

Bloodstone Indigo Dye

Eerie Purple Dye

Bloodstone Violet Dye

Black Cherry Dye

Burgundy Dye

Bloodstone Dark Violet Dye

Ghost Dye

Bloodstone Dark Indigo Dye



Mini Zuzu Cat of Darkness

Mini Charles the Hellfire Skeleton

Mini Wind Rider

Mini Tiny Snowball

Mini Mai Trin

Mini Lord Faren

Mini Zojja

Mini Sieran

Mini Poobadoo

Mini Eye of Janthir

Mini Undead Chicken

Mini Goddess Kormir

Mini Southsun Kasmeer



Karka Helm Skin

Quaggan Killer Whale Backpack Cover



Master Maintenance Oil 

Delicious Rice Balls

Endless Riding Clothes Tonic

Endless Ornate Clothing Tonic

Endless Casual Hoodie Clothing Tonic

Any 20 Slot Bag/Box


reposting because I forgot my username in the previous post

Lord Colonel

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Joined: 02 Jul 2017
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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Secret Santa Wish list

Where to begin, For Christmas I want; Any/all of the new mount skins, ecto gambling Thingies (or just plain ectos), PoF pieces of unidentified gear, Any Legendary crafting materials would be useful, I would love any of the non-breakable mining/ore/harvesting tools, copper/silver unlimited use salvage devices, any 20+ bags, Gift of Fortune - any mats that help me attain that that is not account bound), miniatures, holiday skins/weapons, and/or cooking mats ( preferably for Steak with Winterberry Sauce, Jerk Poultry and Nopal Flatbread Sandwich, or other condi - power lvl 80 food)!

This is just some of the things off the top of my head. 
I like surprises, so anything not on this list that would just be awesome to have is always apprecieated!
Your man, PrincessJazzmin *cough*cough*cough* I mean Bluehealz!



Joined: 22 Sep 2016

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


t6 fangs.

Note: if I get you on secret santa, and you do not have a wishlist posted, you will be getting coal, lots and lots of coal.

Ask bari. I gave him 100g worth of coal one year.


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Joined: 07 Nov 2008

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Anything T6 matts. Ecto, Coins ,

Lugh Silverbullet

Joined: 22 Sep 2016

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


hlkg.5694 (Lugh Silverbullet)

Any T6 mats... coins... and i missing "Occultist Flame", "Crystal Guardian", "Genesis", "Arthorpoda" and "Lord Taeres's Shadow" from the "Exotic Hunter" collection :3

Last edited by Lugh Silverbullet on Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:11 pm; edited 1 time in total

Joined: 14 Feb 2017

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Here's my wish list

-Glossy black dye                                                                                     -Lego crafting mats

-Abaddon Pistol skin                                                                                 -t6 mats

-Devoted Staff skin                                                                                  -Dealers Choice! (anything!@!@)

-Timekeeper Dagger skin                                                                                     

-Southsun Remembrance Package

-Deadstop Shield

-Silly Scimitar

-Random exotics for the toilet



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Joined: 22 Jul 2013
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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Wishlist for Cherry Ace.2493

If my Secret Santas would like to help me complete some collections and finish getting all the dyes, I'd love that. :D
All items are divided into categories and listed in ascending price. A yellow star (*) means I REALLY want it.


Frozen Scales
Aqua Satin
Shadow Yellow
Pumpkin Orange
Bloodstone Coral
Bloodstone Violet *
Powder Blue
Bloodstone Dark Coral
Bloodstone Dark Indigo *
Rose Gold
Blue Orchid
Valor *
Slime Green
Deep Glacial Teal *
Enameled Jungle *
Blue Whale *
Silver Satin
Enameled Sacrifice
Eerie Purple *
Ominous Yellow
Enameled Longevity
Midnight Bronze
Enameled Onset *
Glacial Sky *
Enameled Crimson *
Core Ice
Ruby Red


Krait Trident
Krait Morning Star
Krait Star
Krait Wand
Krait Warhammer
Krait Pilum
Krait Harpoon Gun
Krait Shortbow
Krait Shell
Krait Ripper
Krait Shooter
Krait Crook
Krait Recurve Bow
Krait Machete
All Godskull Weapons
All Beaded Weapons
Eternal Ice (exotic)
Occultist Flame
Breath Of Kralkatorrik
Komalie's Sacrificial Blade
Razah's Nightmare
Rotbeard's Treasure (exotic)


T6 Mats (mainly Crystalline Dust & Vicious Fangs)
Mystic Coins *


Neeman Oria

Joined: 14 Aug 2017

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Neeman Oria.7504


1.Watchwork Sprockets

2.Mount adoption license

3.Mystic Curios


Surprise me!

(Just not coal)

Last edited by Neeman Oria on Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:28 pm; edited 1 time in total
Lyra Belacqua
Lord Sovereign

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Joined: 06 May 2014
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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Wishlist for Lyra (groovy sneezes)

~~updated per request of one of my santas~~

*With Gems*
Shared inventory slots
Mount skins (i have Storm Ridge Raptor only)
Black lion keys
A cool outfit (I already have Wedding Attire, Kasmeer’s Regal, Hexed, and Spring Promenade)

*With Coins*
T6 leather (hardened leather)
T6 mats
Destroyer or Molten Lodestones
Ascended mats
A rare dye (i have all common and uncommon dyes)  [phthalo blue, zaffre, sulfur, frostbite blue, eternal ice, incandescent dye, (deep) glacial teal, core ice, enameled reign]
A cool Hammer, Dagger, Warhorn, Focus, Pistol, or Rifle skin [in general, i like scientific and tempest skins, but am open to whatever my santa thinks i may like]

Anything else you think is fun that i might enjoy :D

Last edited by Lyra Belacqua on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:46 pm; edited 1 time in total

Joined: 12 Aug 2014

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Wishlist for Snuggles (qwerty.1230)

These are in no particular order:

- Unobtainium

-The Shroud of Turin

- Nuclear launch codes

- The Hope Diamond

- An original Da Vinci notebook

- Donald Trump's head on a platter

- A 1959 Les Paul Standard

- Dusk

I know that some of these items may be hard to come by. In that case, feel free to get me something off the list if you are so inclined.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Joined: 20 Nov 2016

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


wishlist (cyfinity.2078)

stabilizing matricies

supreme runes of holding

mystic coins

stacks of elder wood logs(its more expensive than it looks)


Lord Sovereign

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re: Secret Santa Wishlist 2017


Wish List for: AngelWriter.3652: (Part 1/2)


Dye Name Part of Which Pack  
Original Dyes in GW2
Glacial Sky Flame & Frost   Dye Name Part of Which Pack
Shiver Sky Flame & Frost   Chocolate Rare
Shiver Sea Flame & Frost   Ceylon Rare
Deep Glacial Sky Flame & Frost   Lemon Tint Rare
Pyre Flame & Frost   Wine Shade Rare
Caustic Tequatl Rising   Abyss Rare
Acid Tequatl Rising   Evening Grass Rare
Algae Tequatl Rising   Primrose Rare
Limonite Tower of Nightmares   Robin Uncommon
Cyanide Tower of Nightmares   Eucalyptus Uncommon
Blacklight Tower of Nightmares   Quickstalk Uncommon
Prosperity A Very Merry Wintersday   Mocha Uncommon
Perserverance A Very Merry Wintersday   Teal Uncommon
Enameled Sky Battle for LA: Aftermath   Viridian Uncommon
Enameled Emblaze Battle for LA: Aftermath      
Enameled Crimson Battle for LA: Aftermath      
Enameled Perserernace Lion's Arch Commemorative      
Enameled Longevity Lion's Arch Commemorative      
Enameled Solitude Lion's Arch Commemorative      
Enameled Sacrifice Lion's Arch Commemorative      
Enameled Generation Lion's Arch Commemorative      
Electro Lemon Taimi's      
Electro Blue Taimi's      
Aureus Crimson Lion      
Imperial Red Crimson Lion      
Imperial Gold Crimson Lion      
Enameled Amenity Lion's Arch Rebuild      
Enameled Morning Glory Lion's Arch Rebuild      
Enameled Onset Lion's Arch Rebuild      
Enameled Brass Lion's Arch Rebuild      
Enameled Strawberry Lion's Arch Rebuild      
Murkey Gray Winter Chimes      
Matriarch Brass Winter Chimes      
Vintage Silver Winter Chimes      
Gold Fusion Winter Chimes      
Golden Sheen Winter Chimes      
Ominous Yellow Mad King      
Valor Blue Shift      
Phthalo Blue Blue Shift      
Bloodstone Coral Bloodstone      
Pumpkin Orange Vibrant      
Aqua Satin Vibrant      
Magenta Vibrant      
Blue Orchid Vibrant      
Slime Green Vibrant      
Ruby Red Vibrant      
Midnight Bronze Solar & Lunar      
Daybreak Solar & Lunar      
Silver Satin Solar & Lunar      
Glossy Black Solar & Lunar      
Blue Whale Solar & Lunar      
Rose Gold Solar & Lunar      
Destroyer Orange Primordius      
Sunfire Lava Primordius      
Incandescent Primordius      
Magma Primordius      
Scorched Primordius      
Bloody Red Primordius      


Collection 1   Collection 2   Collection 3
Mini Fire Inp   Mini Frost Fang   Mini Aetherblade Taskmaster
Mini Wind Rider   Mini Black Wind Rider   Mini Aetherblade Thug
Mini Forest Grub   Mini Skarn Darkhoof   Mini Cave Troll
Mini Chromatic Ooze   Mini Twister Mender   Mini Consortium Pacifier
Mini Oakheart   Mini Ice Imp   Mini Ember
Mini Vampire Bat   Mini High Inquisitor Maut   Mini Faolain
Mini Jack-a-lop   Mini Wolfborn Shaman   Mini Flame Legion Effigy
Mini White Moa   Mini Wolfborn Hunter   Mini Hazmat Suit
Mini Undead Chicken       Mini Iron Legion Soldier
Mini Modniir Berserker       Mini King Adelbern
Mini Flame Shaman       Mini Kodan Icehammer
Mini Dredge Excavator       Mini Krait Damoss
Mini Ascalonian Mage       Mini Largos
Mini Yaotl the Fierce       Mini Lionguard
Mini Krait Witch       Mini Lord Faren
Mini PK 632Z       Mini Priory Explorer
Mini Skritt Forager       Mini Priory Researcher
Mini Svanir Berserker       Mini Toxic Knight
Mini Orrian Wraith       Mini Vigil Warmaster
        Mini Whispers Lightbringer


<td style="overflow: hidden; padding: 2px

Collection Items
Exotic Hunter Collection   Krait Antiquarianism Study   Spirit Crafter Collection   Treasure Hunter Collection
Anton's Boot Blade Dagger   Krait Ripper Dagger   Azureflame Longbow   Pendant of Arah Exotic
Mecha Anchor Hammer   Krait Star Focus   Eidolon Shield   Ulgoth's Tail Exotic
Impaler Spear   Krair Morning Star Mace   Foefire's Essence Greatsword   Symbol of the Inquest Exotic
Shiverstone Mace   Krait Shooter Rifle   Aether Shortbow   Rotbeard's Treasure Exotic
Twin Talons Sword   Krait Wand Scepter   Foefire's Power Hammer   Sam Exotic
Occultist Flame Torch   Krait Shell Shield         All Seeing Exotic
Komalie's Sacrificial Blade Dagger   Krait Machete Sword         Eternal Ice Exotic
Poyaqui's Noggin Focus   Krait Brazier Torch         Breath of Kralkatorrik Exotic
Genesis Hammer   Krait Trident Trident         Commissar's Manifesto Exotic
Arthropoda Longbow    

Last edited by angelwriter428 on Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:43 pm; edited 1 time in total


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