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re: since they can't be killed by using sickle. casting The Blo


t is important to know a few things before you start this quest: The final boss fight you'll be handed various potions for strength and two prayer potion, which makes the fight less difficult than the norm. However, you must consider the use of a shield and the yak armour on at all times, as venturing into the eastern portion of the island may be fatal and repairing the bridges is risky in most cases. If you gather all the items required prior to starting the quest, it could become a bit short, and you'll likely require only 5-6 of the best food items prior to meeting the boss. Make sure you possess enough RuneScape Gold - you can always buy some here!

Overview of the area

A collection of islands connected by bridges. That's the OSRS gold  idea behind the Fremennik islands are all about. It is possible to see the islands as well as their interconnections on the below map. Jatizso and Neitiznot is the name of the two most important villages in the island.

You can utilize the ferry operators to get to the docks that are shown as landing terminal locations that are located from the nordic dock in Rellekka.

Following locations relevant during the quest are indicated by the numbers shown on maps.

1. A court for King Gjuki Sorvott IV. 2. In the courts of King Mawnis Burowgar. 3. A bridge you'll have to repair. 4. Another bridge that you'll have to repair. 5. Entrance into the Ice Troll Caves for the final fight.

The risk of dying is high when you travel to the northern islands with no food.

If you are running out of things to buy, locate the banks within both towns.

You can travel around all islands at any time throughout the adventure.

Note: If you just would like to gain access to Neitiznot and that's your primary motive for you to start this quest, make sure you bring 8 raw tuna or tin when your mining level is 1-9. 7 pieces of coal depending on your level of mining 10-54. 6 Mithril ores when you are older than 55 and consult King Gjuki Sorvott IV.

King Gjuki Sorvott IV

Items needed for this phase of the quest: six mithril ore, seven parts of coal 8 tin ores and raw tuna.

King Sorvott's court

Take a trip to the northernmost port in Rellekka and converse with Mord Gunnars. The quest begins with him taking his guests to Jatizso.

Visit the floor with the checkered room and chat with King Gjuki Sorvott IV. During the conversation his cat will appear and your highness with request that you bring fresh tuna for his lovely pet.

Note: The tuna may be bought in the store in the area to the northeast of the king's home or caught at the pier to the south of your location.

Once your have the tuna in your possession, hand it over to the cat . Then, talk with the King.

The ores you have been assigned to the King. You can also mine these ores in the cave beneath the village. The cave can be reached by heading northeast after you exit at the West Gate. Miner the ores in the Dungeon. The King will reward you with some coins in exchange for the ores that you give him.

The king's throne is behind the King's. You'll discover the chest. Find the Jester's attire from there.

Utilize the ferry service operated by the wife of Mord, Maria and head to Neitiznot directly from Rellekka. You will find them as well as Mord Gunnars on the dock on the east side of the North in Rellekka.

King Mawnis Burowgar

The items needed for this phase of the quest are: Jester costume , which you got earlier.

Enter the bank behind. You'll find Slug Hemligssen. Slug Hemligssen will say, "Free stuff please" to him. The jester costume is required. It's funand you'll get to know yourself.

The player playing jester.

Make sure you have a jester costume on and go towards the building located just to the south of the bank, where you'll meet Mawnis Burowgar. Use the control panel of the jester illustrated in the image, and obey everything he says.

Return to Slug. He will ask you some questions. Below are the answers:

2 days

17 militia

2 bridges

Remove the costume of a jester and come back Mawnis Burowgar.

Bridge repairs

Items needed: eight arctic wood logs or an 8-split log (both can be found in the following section) and 8 ropes (can be obtained during the following part) Axe and the knife. We recommend taking armour , and lots of food.

Make your way to Mawnis Burowgar and give him eight ropes. Not enough ropes? Not a problem. Kill yaks and send this hair fall to the spinning wheel that is located in the village. The reward is not just the ropes, but also receive 1000 coins also.

Repairing the bridge

Mawnis Burowgar will then request you to bring him eight logs that have been split. If your level of Woodcutting is greater than 56. Then, cut the logs and take them to the woodcutting stump in the middle of village to be split. If you have a lower Woodcutting score than 56. Continue your quest by purchasing the logs that have been split from other players. Once done, bring your logs into Mawnis and earn another 1.5K coins for rewards.

In order to begin repairing bridges, you must speak to Guard Thakkrad Sigmundson.

Beware: Take plenty of food, and wear good armor for you, because you might be attacked by high level Trolls in the next stage.

Split logs into eight along with eight ropes from the bank, and an axe. Ropes can be purchased by the normal supply NPC in the bank. Find the bridges with broken bridges further north and repair them by clicking right. Be aware, as you may be attacked by creatures known as trolls while you travel. Only one repair is required per bridge. Repairing the bridge to the east might be difficult. Protect from Missiles must be turned on before you begin. As you work on the bridges, protection prayers are disabled and you will not be able to active them. Ice Troll females might try to take advantage of this advantage, and may inflict the most severe ranges on you. While repairing the bridge, always keep Protect from Missiles on. After you have left the bridge, any injuries caused through projectiles while fixing will be repaired.

Travel back towards Mawnis Burowgar. You'll get another 1.5k coins for repairing the bridges. It is your responsibility to study the caves that trolls dwell in, but an additional king could be taking the raid on the trolls in a wrong manner and you'll need to verify whether this is the situation.

Tax collector

Items needed: 5.000 coins (not necessarily necessary, but you'll very happy with them).

Head back to Rellekka via boat and make your way back to King Gjuki IV on Jatizso by using the Mord's ferry service.

Citizens must pay for the costs from the army. King Gjuki Sorvott IV is looking to find a tax collection agent in order to solve this issue.

Taxes must be paid to the following individuals:

Raum of Urda and Stein, as well as Hring Hring in the armourer's hut. (Collect 8.000 coins)

Weaponsmith's house. In there you'll find Skuli Myrka. (Collect 6.000 coins)

Keepa Kettilon or Flosi Dalksson at the general store/fish store (Collect 5.000 coins)

Vanligga Gastfrihet at the eatery (Collect 5.000 coins) (If you pay her taxes, you'll get to trade in yak goods on the black market when you've completed the mission).

Return to King Sorvott. He's just inventing a brand his own "facial hair tax" and is seeking a tax collector.

Find the following people:

Armour trader Raum Urda-Stein

Trader in minerals Hring Hring (located inside the building that houses Raum)

Weapon trader Skuli Myrka (located at the anvil North of Raum)

Raw fish seller Flosi Dalksson (located on the first floor of the general store)

Cooked fish seller Keepa Kettilon (located in the general store)

You must have 29.000 coins total. You may use the same tax options at the other rounds of tax collecting. After that, return for the King Sorvott.

Kind is extremely satisfied with your work and is looking for additional spying help from you this time. Retrace your steps to Neitiznot and find is the Slug who is the master of spying is situated.

The jester part 2

Items needed: Jester costume (again!)

Retrace your steps back to Slug. It's time to be jester again!

You will be provided with the answers to your questions. The answers are:


A few potions

I've been assisting

You'll be paid another 2.5k coins should the Slug will be happy with the answers. Pay a visit to the King Gjuki Sorvott IV to update him on progress in spying.

Traditional Fremennik rites

Needed items: 3 yakhide or a set of yakhide armour OR 3 yak-hides, thread and a need as well as 15 gold coin. Also, you'll need a bronze nail, a rope Hammer and two wood logs from the arctic or an enormous Fremennik round.

King Gjuki Sorvott is not always a skeptic to the advice of. This was the case for the King Gjuki Sorvott IV. He wasn't prepared for an update that he was given, but rejected any tips.

Give the order you received from the King to Mawnis Burowgar.

After hearing about the decree from King Sorvott, Mawnis becomes extremely dissatisfied. Take part in the ancient Neitiznot warrior rites to be a leader for his troops.

Note: If there are all three items that are required in your possession You are able to skip the building of the shield and instead speak directly to the king.

You'll need to construct yak-hide armor. That is the first instruction that comes from Thakkrad Sigmundson. You'll earn 5 coins per hide once you give Thakkrad three yak-hides . He cures them. Afterwards, craft the cured yak-hides into yak-hide chaps and a yakhide body. Needle and thread will be required to do this. They can be obtained from a nearby bank or nearest shop. There are 32 crafting experiences per hide. Once done, Thakkrad will confirm that the armor is suitable for protecting against the rocks that trolls utilize.

To know how to create a big Fremennik square shield visit and talk the King Burowgar. Trolls make dangerous stones and this shield is great to protect you from them.

To build this shield you'll need a bronze nail as well as a rope, Hammer, and two arctic Pine logs. Once you've gathered all of the necessary items, head to the Woodcutting stump located to the east of the bank. There you can create the shield. Be sure to include a hammer to your collection! Every shield you make increases your crafting experience in 34 points.

Be aware that if your Woodcutting level is less than 56. you can continue the quest by buying your shields from players.

Once finished, head back at Burowgar. Burowgar and accept his request to remove the head of Ice Troll King. Of course, first you'll need to take out the beast.

The troll King

Items required: Bunch of food items (MUST be stocked with) Armour that is solid, a large Fremennik round shield, and some yak-hide armor.

Note: Don't waste your time employing Ranged or Magic against the Troll King, since Troll King can only be killed quickly and efficiently using Melee.

Fight against the ice troll

Melee and Ranged weapons wielded by ice trolls has a special effect that can penetrate any defence. It is often the case that it appears that the wearer isn't wearing any armour , and has a Defense rating of 1. Weapons are ineffective against prayers to protect yourself, since they cannot penetrate them. In order to lessen the impact and frequency of the special effects of the ice trolls' weaponry, you must equip yak-hide armour and Fremennik round shield. Fremennik round shield. If you're looking for a reasonable defence for both Ranged and Melee attacks, the classic Fremennik armour is the ideal solution. The only extra items that you must bring include gloves, a cape or a helmet an amulet, and a Melee gun that's the best choice for your requirements.

If you're seeking an adventure and are planning to leave yak-hide armour along with Fremennik shield in your closet, and then decide to go on a savage spree using Melee (which is not recommended for obvious reasons) you should consider taking prayer potions, some high-quality food items and a great potion set as you might suffer a significant harm. The emergency teleport as well as a ring of life also might be useful.

Journey to the northernmost island. You'll see the number of high level trolls increasing as you move closer and close to the cave. Melee Trolls inflict more damage than Ranged ones, therefore, consider the use of Protect from Melee to decrease the amount of damage that they take. When you get to the eastern portion of the cave located in north, and after you've passed these trolls that they have stopped following you and stopped attacking. We strongly suggest to take some time to rest and relax before you enter the cave because you'll need lots of energy during the final section of the troll cave.

The cutscene will be shown upon entering via the East cave entry. Before you cross the bridge to the south and attack King Burowgar, the Ice Troll King, you'll have to take on 10 Trolls. King Burowgar's troops will aid you against them. Trolls will stand in combat zones that have several melee and ranged troll teams trying to stop you from reaching their King. Female Trolls use Ranged, while troll males make use of Melee.

Go near the cave entrance and you will be able to speak to Bork Sigmundson. He will give you two potions of strength with four doses as well as up to ten tunas and at least three 3-dose prayer potions. In case you won't be able to store enough inventory, you will get enough to cover the entire pack completely. Keep in mind that you only have to make one request for each of previously mentioned items. You should receive enough potions in the event that you're using Melee and the correct Fremennik armor and prayers of protection. One of the most efficient methods is to stay clear of fighting and observe how warriors deal with the trolls. When you can see their health bars hitting the absolute minimums, jump right into action and knock out those nearly 10-trolls who are dead. In this way, you'll stop the waste of food or prayer.

In order to cross over the bridge you must kill 10 Trolls. After you have killed them you will receive an alert that says that the bridge leading to the Ice Troll King is now available. If you're looking to replenish your items, feel free to do it now in the cave, since leaving is not going to revoke accessibility to Ice Troll King.

You'll be shown a brief scene that shows the Troll King coming toward you when you begin crossing the bridge. Whatever you do, he will always land on the first hit, therefore activate the Protect from Magic prayer during the cutscene and before trying to cross the bridge.

Warning: If you are killed during the fight, you will be unable to pick up dropped items due to the fact that the battle takes place inside an insinuated room.

Note: You shouldn't use Protect from Melee during the final boss fight. Instead, consider using Protect from Magic.

In the fight against the Ice Troll King

The Troll King employs a potent mix of attacks, consisted of Melee, Magic Ranged and teleport. He has Combat level of 122. so be extra cautious. Use Protect from Magic to ensure that you don't take too many damage. To lessen his damage more, you can use Fremennik shields along with yak hide armour while battling with Protect the Magic. Make sure to not use Protection from Melee to fight Troll King, because it will be impossible to hit him as long as you have it activated.

Make sure to cut off the head off of Troll King's body after you kill the monster. You can easily pull it off, there's no requirement for a specific knife or weapon. If you do die, and troll king's head within your inventory, simply return to the spot of dead troll's head and pick up the head you killed. There is no need to kill him a second time.

Claiming a head of a troll as a trophy

Return the way you came or teleport to the desired location. You can talk to King Burowgar following your return to Neitiznot. In exchange for Troll King's head King Burowgar will gift you the helm of Neitiznot. Then, you'll have to choose two skills (or an identical skill two times) to earn an 10.000 hours of experience. It is possible to choose between Strengh and Defence, as well as Attack or Hitpoints. Isn't that great, isn't it? After that, the quest is complete.=========================================================

OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Nature Spirit Quest

Make sure you have food on hand, because without a Druid pouch, Ghasts can rot the food.

Drezel will be in the same place where you had him when you left at the end of Priest in Peril (under the temple, beside the barrier to Morytania). You can talk to him to begin this quest. Get three apple pie and three meat pies from Drezel and take those with you to Folliman Tarlock. Luckily, he'll also warn you about the dangers of food rotting. You won't be giving Filliman the food, so there's no reason to worry about this now. Take advantage of the Holy Barrier to exit the temple and head south-east. Note: Filliman will not appear in the event that you enter the Morytania via the gate.

Grotto tree.

Be aware of the warnings and go straight through the gate and enter the swamp. Follow the west river south until you get to the Grotto Tree.

ADVICE: Ghasts are barely visible souls and they will be hiding in the water trying to destroy your food. They're weak in combat they can be missed the mark if you're out of food and will take 3 to 5 damage per. Around 3 health points can also be lost randomly in the swamp (because there is no reason why it shouldn't be?). However, this will not be the case at the Nature Grotto or on Filliman's Island. There's a chance that you could lose as much as seven health points when you attempt to leap across the broken bridge and into the grotto however, there is no alternative to get further.

The grotto tree will see only a tiny black hole. It will provide you with an enter option. The problem is that Filliman Tarlock only appears when you attempt to enter the grotto.

Filliman, is that you? It seems you have died and turned into ghost. You can equip the Amulet of ghostspeak and speak to him. But, if you don't have one the ghost will conclude your dialogue by saying something similar to ghostspeak. He seems to believe that he's still alive. Remove the bowl of washing on the table nearby, and then choose an appropriate mirror to use it on him. This will convince him that he's now a ghost. You are required to locate the journal of his. It's in the Grotte tree. It is best to take it and give it to him.

Ghasts are non-visible NPCs which do not come with an "attack" option.

Filliman will voice his desire to be a Nature Spirit. He needs help in becoming one and this is the place you step in. Begin your quest to assist him by obtaining your spell scroll which you later can use to cast the Bloom spell.

Collecting the three items

Items required: Druidic spell (given to you by Filliman)

You'll need three of these items in order to continue with the quest:

Something to believe in

You have to be blessed. Return to Drezel ask him to do so. After blessings, you are likely to hear nice words from Drezel. Listen carefully.

Drezel gives a blessing to the player.

Something of nature

Following Drezel blessings, get yourself or at a minimum, hold at least a Silver sickle in your possession, cast the Druidic spell and head to the swamp. In the swamp, make mushrooms grow by looking for the rotting wood then casting the spell beside it. Once you've found it, display it to Filliman the wizard, he informs you that mushrooms are a part natural.

Note: The spell may need to be used again later on and you should not drop it immediately after you've used it.

NOTE: Lifehack - In case you are not able to pray to ask for help, take out the spell cards that you received and ask for a different one. This will allow you to pick up a variety of spell cards.

A part of the'spirit to be' easily given

The card that is used for spells is the something of the spirit to become freely granted.

Take note that you can obtain another unused spell card by requesting it prior to placing the stones with the items. This will enable you to save Prayer points while still casting the spell during the next step.

Once you've reached Filliman's Grotto Utilize the spell card on the gray stone, and the mushroom on the light brown stone. Enter Filliman's grotto whenever you need to summon the man again. Afterwards, stand on the orange stone and inform Filliman that you think you've solved the mystery. Filliman will require you to enter the grotto after the transformation has completed for half. Do not drop mushrooms or used spell cards. You must use them on the stones, not drop them.

Go to the middle of the cave , and explore the grotto. This will cause Filliman to transform into the Nature Spirit. It will ask you to provide him with the Silver sickle. You will have to talk with him again, and hand over your Silver sickle. Following the blessing of the Silver sickle, Filliman can return the sickle to you and introduce you to a new option and allow you to bless additional sickles later on by simply dipping them into the grotto's water. Then, you'll receive an Druid pouch and be required to kill three creatures known as ghasts.

Filliman performs the transformation ritual.

Filliman gives the player a silver sickle.

The ghasts are being killed

Things required: Druid's pouch prayers, prayer points, and an weapon.

It is important to note that Druid pouches will only be usable once Filliman can show you how utilize it. If you receive an error while using it, simply add the item to your inventory for use later on.

It is important to note that Druid pouches can only be utilized on nearby ghast to manually make them visible and attackable.

Note: You can use more powerful weapons to kill Ghasts, since they can't be killed by using sickle.

casting The Bloom spell.

The silver sickle is blessed and travel to the muddy swamp. You can use the sickle to cast Bloom while standing in front of twigs, bushes and logs. This won't only let you collect fungi, stems and pears, it will as well deduct prayer points.

Click "Fill" while you have at least 3 fungi, branches or pears in the inventory . Add them to your druid's pouch.

Level 30 Ghasts are visible once you have used the cheap RS gold  druid pouch on them. Also, this will result in the deducting of one charge from your druid's pouch. Speak to Nature Spirit after you kill three ghasts. Nature Spirit will reward you. For every ghast you kill, you'll get 30 prayer XP.

Ghasts are released once it is killed.

The final stages of

Finally, search the Filliman's grotto and talk to Filliman.

That's it, Quest was completed! Congratulations!

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